About the Fellowship

Meeting Location and Time

  • Sunday 10:00 a.m.,       Delaware Arts Castle,190 W Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio   (Parking at rear)

DUUF Board President

  • Tracy Nelson
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Minister (Part Time)

  • David Soliday
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  • David is available for Weddings and other services.


DUUF Contact Information

  • PO Box 717, Delaware, OH 43015
  • 740-362-1860
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  • duuf.org

  Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DUUF.org                   

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Sunday, September 25

Please join us this Sunday, September 25, at 10:00 a.m. at the Delaware Arts Castle.

We will learn about the “Wishing Well” project , DUUF's  Spotlight Charity for this quarter.  Coe Huckabee, the service organizer,  will introduce Barbara Tull, our guest speaker.

Barbara will describe  the Delaware community’s interfaith fresh water project in Mandelia, Chad, in central North Africa. The goal is to raise $20,000 to provide fresh water and sanitation. She can provide more details and answer our questions. Monies collected on Sunday will be donated to the project. In advance, you may want to watch "Clean Drinking Water for School Children in Chad" by UNICEF on You Tube. [In your  Search box, type in “youtube unicef chad water children”]

We will gather for conversation and refreshments after the service. 


Who We Are

We are the Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (DUUF) of Delaware, Ohio!

We are a small, mostly lay-led congregation, and we invite you to attend our Sunday services.  If you find the services meaningful, if you find spiritual contentment there, if you meet others with like interests, and if you prefer a fellowship instead of a larger church, you may be comfortable in our Fellowship.

Our Upcoming Activities

Sunday, Oct 2, Optimism and Happiness, Bob Ford

Sunday, Oct 9, Fellowshipping Outside the Box, David Soliday

Sunday, October 16,  TBA

Sunday, October 23,  Breakfast and discussion, "What does corporate personhood mean?"  Tracy Nelson