Faith in a time of uncertainty

Does anyone else feel like we need more faith these days? The past few months have been a bountiful harvest of uncertainty, a mighty river of concerns, worries, and stresses. We live in a pandemic, in a Presidential election year, which means it’s also a … read more.


As part of an exercise devised by my daughter Amy called

… read more.

Seeking to be More Understanding of Others

Back in March, the UU World magazine published an article that was harmful to trans people in the UU movement. Last weekend, we spend some time learning more about this controversy, and how we can be more understanding, respectful, and welcoming to people who are … read more.

Lorraine Hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry author of the drama, A Raisin in the Sun, had a background in Chicago as an African American. Her drama parallels a true episode from her life.

Beloved Community

[This is the Sunday service, presented at the Second Ward Community Initiative this morning.]

Prelude Music: “This Land is Your Land”, by Woody Guthrie (Asch Recording)

Welcome: …to DUUF, to the SWCI, to these beloved communities. …to refreshments and conversation after the service. All are welcome here.

Call … read more.