Feeling Awkward?

…and it was a joyful day because a new minister, Abbey Tennis was officiating for the first time. My family and I are indebted to Abbey for her lesson that day. I wish I had a copy of her sermon. I will do my best to recapture the concept that both Mara and I remember and have shared with others and now with you…

In the Other Shoes

If we’re willing to stand in another person’s shoes, just for a moment, we might understand them a little bit better.

Faith in a time of uncertainty

Does anyone else feel like we need more faith these days? The past few months have been a bountiful harvest of uncertainty, a mighty river of concerns, worries, and stresses. We live in a pandemic, in a Presidential election year, which means it’s also a … read more.


As part of an exercise devised by my daughter Amy called

… read more.