Defund Fear

Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am for a discussion led by Coe Huckabee.

DEFUND FEAR, Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment—– by Zach Norris is our UUA common read for this year.

The assigned reading is Chapter 1: Who and What Harms Us? It turns out that this book is about a lot more than defunding police departments and hiring social workers!

We urge you to read the first chapter and to bring the book with you on Sunday. Norris has an impressive history with human rights endeavors. His style is direct and easy to follow. He opens with some case studies to introduce his point that much of what causes harm in our society is not counted as crime. He then discusses five very harmful and pervasive practices in American society.
This section remains easy reading but reveals hard realities we need to own up to in order to change them. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these important matters.

Of course, come and join the discussion, even if you don’t have the book!

The service will be held in person in the parlor at the Delaware County Community Arts Castle (The Arts Castle), at 190 West Winter Street in Delaware, Ohio.

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