Fellowship Retreat and Spring Quarterly Planning

Please join us this Sunday when we will conduct our Spring Fellowship Retreat and set the spring quarter service schedule.

This event will take place at the residence of Gwen Valore and Dave Lever, beginning at 10:00 with “Coffee and…”. The quarterly fellowship meeting will start at 10:30, followed by the retreat around 11:00. A potluck lunch will be shared, following the retreat, around noon.

The theme of the retreat is Our Inherent Inclinations. When you ask a fish about the water it swims in, it’ll reply, “What water?” Similarly, our culture is like the air we breath. What biases and preconceptions might we have below the surface of our awareness? How have we been conditioned by family heritage and social expectations? And how might those biases and preconceived notions be affecting our efforts to live out our principles? Let’s take a look, and reflect, and gently share what we find with each other.

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