Transition Delaware

In 2006, an international grassroots movement called “Transition Town” began that focused on building cohesive, resilient and thriving communities.  Many cities and municipalities have engaged in this intentional, transformational change, motivated in part by the need to address climate change and other sustainability issues on a local level. The documentary “Transition 2.0” by Emma Goud, released in 2012, highlighted stories of many of the towns across the world.

Now this movement has arrived in Delaware, Ohio led by the Central Ohio Community Project and Sustainable Delaware Ohio.  Join us for a screening of the documentary on Friday, February 1, 7:00 to 9:00 PM, at Andrews House. There will be opportunities for discussion both at the Friday evening screening and at our Sunday morning service, when we will share news of this movement taking root in our own back yard.

Coffee and… provided by Karen.

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