Pilgrim’s Progress into a Pandemic

During this joint service with our fellow UUs at UUCE, Pastor David Soliday will share glimpses of his spring in light of the pandemic, as a member of a mission trip to the Lakota reservation and as a crucial tech support person at OWU when all courses went online. This story is just one story–we each have our own in this pandemic–and sharing experiences helps to keep us connected and whole in a time of social separation.

NOTE: DUUF will be meeting at a LATER time than usual: 10:30 am. We will be checking in with each other before joining the UUCE members in their Zoom room at 11:00am. The address to the UUCE Zoom room will be made available in the DUUF Zoom room.

The service will be held in our Zoom room, which opens 15 minutes before the service begins; please click here and follow the prompts to join us.  Alternatively, you can open your Zoom app and enter Meeting ID 740 363 4630. Call Karen at 740.362.1860 for tech support. Bring your favorite beverage to sip while we share in community.