UUSC Justice Sunday

Join us this Sunday, March 25, at 10:00 am for Justice Sunday 2018. Climate change is having the greatest impact on those who contribute to it the least. Rising seas, thawing permafrost, and other climate impacts are inundating indigenous and small island communities that have lived on their land for hundreds and even thousands of years. This Justice Sunday, join with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to learn more about climate-forced migration, shared resources, and helping vulnerable communities advocate for their rights, mitigate climate impacts, and, when necessary, implement locally-led relocations.


The service will be held at the Historic Campbell Home located on the northeast corner of Elizabeth Street and West Winter Street in Delaware. There is parking behind the building with handicap accessibility. Mary Nice will lead the service based on a sermon by Dr. Michael A. Schuler. There will by live music performed by Mary Alice Dillman. Join us after the service for coffee and conversation.

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