Soul to Soul Chapter “Calling”

Please join us this Sunday to discuss “Calling.”

Our discussion will be based on the chapter entitled “Calling” from the book Soul to Soul: Fourteen Gatherings for Reflection and Sharing by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins.

We often think about “calling” as one’s career in the world of work.  However, “calling” can apply to any part of a person’s life when you have the sense that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.  This feeling of a “perfect fit” may apply to hobbies, volunteer work, coaching or personal relationships.  In religious literature “calling” may come from without but more often comes from within.  This Sunday we plan to share personal stories either of ourselves or others.  While not covered in the chapter a good question for our discussion will be “Do you see artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, etc. changing the world and affecting our desires to fulfill our “calling”.

If you do not have the book, please still plan to join us!

The service will be held in our Zoom room, which opens 15 minutes before the service begins; please click HERE and follow the prompts to join us.  Alternatively, you can open your Zoom app and enter Meeting ID 740 363 4630. Call Karen at 740.362.1860 for tech support. Bring your favorite beverage to sip while we share in community.