Better Communication

The DUUF Board decided at it’s meeting last Tuesday to better cover information and announcements that we get in our P.O. Box. Carolyn volunteered to help with that.  For this week we have the following announcements:
People in Need (P.I.N) is collecting new and gently used cookbooks to distribute to those who visit their pantry for food assistance.  P.I.N. wants to encourage healthier cooking for healthier lifestyles.  If you have cookbooks to donate bring them on our regular P.I.N Sunday, (which is the first Sunday of each month that we meet at the Historic Campbell Home).
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) thanks us for donating $190.00 to its Guest at Your Table program.  Thanks to all of you who made a donation to this organization as it works to build a world free from oppression both in the US and abroad.