New Vision and Mission Language

the word "vision" spelled out of Scrabble tiles, with other tiles, face down, strewn about

DUUF is in the process of reviewing our vision and mission statements, for use on our website and in conversations. As of now, our “About Us” menu has only two pages: An LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation and Our Part-Time Minister. Other than that, there’s only a brief blurb in our site header, “A small, lay-led spiritual group in Delaware, Ohio” and this description of us on our home page: “We’re in Delaware, Ohio, north of Columbus and Lewis Center, where there are other UU congregations. While we’re a lot different from them, we also have a lot in common.”


David has distilled the various submissions from the spring retreat homework assignment on DUUF’s vision statement into this:

  • We are a small close-knit gathering of seeking folk sharing input on the big questions of life and spirituality.
  • Our goal is to provide a forum for presenting UU and Humanist ideas, and to be a liberal religious presence in the city of Delaware.

There was also the suggestion to consider identifying as a “congregation”, instead of a “fellowship”.

Does that resonate with you? Please provide your feedback below.


UPDATE: Our new Vision and Mission language was posted June 20, 2018.