Seeking to be More Understanding of Others

Back in March, the UU World magazine published an article that was harmful to trans people in the UU movement. Last weekend, we spend some time learning more about this controversy, and how we can be more understanding, respectful, and welcoming to people who are not like us.

The “Progress Pride Flag” by Daniel Quasar adds new stripes to acknowledge the push for full inclusion by transgender people, with the white, pink, and light blue stripes, and people of color, with brown and black stripes. (© Quasar Digital, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

First, here are some tips for talking about the article, from the Transforming Hearts Collective.

Next, here is the UU World article, After L, G and B. (You can listen to the article being read on that web page.)

Here is the UU World Senior Editor, Chris Walton’s apology, along with the author, Kimberly French’s apology.

Author and TRUUST member, Alex Kapitan’s response, What It Takes to De-Center Privilege: The Failure of this Week’s UU World Article. Alex was quoted in the UU World article.

CB Beal’s more pointed response to the article, Centering the Marginalized: symphony and triptych. CB is an educator and consultant focusing on consent and sexuality education, and inclusion and equity for all ages/all bodies.

TRUUST–Transgender Religious professional Unitarian Universalists Together–Calls on All Unitarian Universalists to Take Action to Support Trans UUs.

The UUA’s LGBTQ Ministries office’s Transgender Inclusion & Affirmation: Questions for congregations to consider.

And, lastly, Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019 will be on Wednesday, November 20.