A photo of a wooden bench with the words "Rest here" painted on its back, in front of a black brick wall.
Photo by Esther Simpson
BY NC SA 2.0


Sabbath time is Beloved Community time.
It’s anti-Empire, Kin-dom time!
It’s refusing, reducing, reuseable, recyclable, gloriously rejuvenating, rotting time.
It’s Earth time, Sky time, sun & moon time.
It’s earth, water, air, and fire time.
It’s God loves me more than my dog loves me time.
It’s always convenient, always doable, always easy (unless and until we make it otherwise.)
It can always be started and continued later. (God is always there, waiting…)

It’s sssssssssllllllllooooooooowwww;
It’s anti-establishment and sublimely subversive, (when done right.)
It’s always supportive, always uplifting–if not, tweak it!
Sabbath time is spiritual discipline.
It’s refinement and appreciation, the recognition of intrinsic value.

God gave the Israelites the Sabbath and ordered them to keep it sacred
when they were down and out, homeless refugees, wandering around in the desert, lost.
Sabbath is counter-intuitive, paradoxical.
Precisely because it is so, it is fertile ground for creativity.
In fact, Sabbath was created by the Creator that we might partake in that creativity and become co-creators.
Sabbath is nourishment for the soul.

And it can be safely broken up into micro-sabbaths without loss of any integrity.
It’s holistic!
It’s time for the Atma to be seen by the Brahmatma–and vice versa.
Or, as Mother Teresa practiced, It’s time for us to listen in silence to God… as God listens in silence to us.
It is luxuriously beautiful and awe inspiring.
It is joyful and possibly ecstatic.
It is the inherent, eternal condition of the soul.
And, in this world, it can be easy to forget, dismiss, ignore, avoid, put-off, and/or procrastinate.
It should never be forced, unless by oneself.
It is definitely not navel-gazing.
It should not be sensory deprivation, (although sometimes that can be therapeutic.)
And rest–good, relaxing rest–may be a necessary prerequisite and/or included.

Sabbath nurtures in us a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.
It requires our attention, and reminds us that we exist only in the present moment,
present moment,
present moment,
And it’s best when repeated regularly, the more frequently the better.
Repetition of Sabbath helps hone awareness, patience, and compassion,
things we actually need so much more than yet another Thneed!
Sabbath can and should be humorous, delightful, and funny.
Sabbath can carry us through the worst of times,
yeah even the valley of the shadow of death.
It makes us aware that the things we want so desperately to change in the world
also exist within us.
It keeps us humble.
It keeps us us…