Speaker: Tracy Nelson

Not GA

The UUA has not yet published the business agenda for GA, so member Tracy Nelson will be discussing another topic this Sunday unless the UUA announces something in time.  Stay tuned!

Coffee and conversation will take place after the service with refreshments provided by Karen.

The service … read more.

Weaving a World of Justice, Peace and Beauty

Please join us for Sunday worship presented by DUUF member Tracy Nelson, Weaving a World of Justice, Peace and Beauty, adapted from one of the worship services at the 2018 UUA General Assembly.

We are all called. The call comes from everywhere; from the past, the present, and … read more.

Water Ceremony 2018

Please join us this Sunday, when the Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship conducts our annual Water Ceremony service to mark the end of summer and to welcome the new church year.  As water is a symbol of global interdependence, in this ceremony we will express our commitment … read more.

Report from GA

Please join us this Sunday, August 26th when the DUUF contingent to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly will report back to the fellowship about the things they learned at this summer’s GA conference that was held in Kansas City, Missouri in June.

Coffee And … … read more.

Father’s Day

Please join us for our service this Sunday when we will honor biological fathers, stepfathers, adoptive and foster fathers, grandfathers, spiritual fathers, and all of the uncles, brothers, and friends who, whether they know it or not, have helped to fill the role of father … read more.

UUA General Assembly Sunday

Please join us this Sunday, April 29th at 10 a.m. for our service GA Sunday, when Karen McCulloch and Tracy Nelson will lead a discussion on the topics for this year’s UUA General Assembly.

We have two proposed Congregational Study/Action Issues and four Bylaw Amendments to … read more.

The Intersection of Class & Race

Location: Willow Brook South

Tracy Nelson will look at some of the history of systemic racism in the United States that has led to oppression and disparities in wealth.