Forgotten Souls

Join us for the September 27 service! Based on  Chris Arnade’s research in “Dignity,” the “Forgotten Souls” living in small-town America in 2020 are jobless and fighting for their dignity. When small-town living has no way to provide jobs, what follows are broken homes, isolation, pain, drugs, humiliation, anger, and a breakdown of the structure of a community.  McDonald‘s Restaurants become a service clinic where individuals gather to visit and commiserate in their pain. When legislation and policy do not mediate these problems, are there solutions? Can we make a difference? The author Arnade suggests one way is that the back row and the front row better start listening to each other more.     Jonalyn Snyder will perform music fifteen minutes before the service.

The service will be held in our Zoom room, which opens 15 minutes before the service begins; please click here and follow the prompts to join us.  Alternatively, you can open your Zoom app and enter Meeting ID 740 363 4630. Call Karen at 740.362.1860 for tech support. Bring your favorite beverage to sip while we share in community.