Speaker: Mary Alice Dillman

Success and Failure

Please join us this Sunday for potluck breakfast & discussion coordinated by Mary Alice Dillman.

The discussion will be on Success and Failure inspired by the chapter on that subject from the book Heart to Heart: Fourteen Gatherings for Reflection and Sharing, by Christine Robinson and … read more.

Music in the Air

Special guest Emerson Navin will present a musical selection that showcases his learning during his first semester at college.

Coffee and… provided by Carolyn.

Winds of Intolerance

Please join our worshipers this Sunday for The Winds of Intolerance, a commentary presented by Mary Alice Dillman.

When Intolerable situations arise over the course of American history that are directed toward human beings, changes need to be made or attempted if at all possible. Intolerance of … read more.

Thomas Woodson

Please join us this morning for a service on Thomas Woodson led by DUUF member Mary Alice Dillman.

As this is the first service of the month, PIN Sunday, please bring your donations for People In Need.

Individualism vs. Otherness

Location: 190 W. Winter Street

Mary Alice Dillman will present the topic of “Individualism and Otherness” as it appears in spiritual and political terms.

Father’s Day

The Patriarch, Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of our nation, established an empire of imagination for its audience as a Father for our nation, a Father (Governor) for the state of Virginia, a Father of slavery, a Father within Monticello, and the Father … read more.