Guest Speaker, Sunshine Wolfe, and The Future of Unitarian Universalism

Please join us in the Willow Brook Delaware Room for Sunday morning service provided by our new UUA Congregational Consultant, Sunshine Wolfe. Their talk is entitled, “The Future of Unitarian Universalism” In this age when religious communities are getting steadily smaller, the question has come- is religion still relevant?  What does the future look like and how can we meet that future?  How is Unitarian Universalism relevant- or not- today and in the years to come?

Rev. Sunshine J. Wolfe is Congregational Field Staff for the Central East Region serving congregations in western Pennsylvania and across Ohio. Ghe hails originally from Indiana, where ghe learned to sing, dance, and cause trouble- the social justice kind. Rev. Sunshine has lived in 9 states, served three congregations as interim minister, one as director of religious education, preached in more than 40 congregations, and offered trainings and consulting in more than two dozen congregations and clusters. Ghe is currently a member of TRUUsT (Transgender Religious professional Unitarian UniversalistS Together) and DRUUMM (Diverse Revolutionary Multicultural Ministries). Sunshine identifies as genderqueer and transgender and uses any third gender pronoun including they/their, ghe/gher, and zi/hir.