Topic: Religion

Christian Fundamentalism and the Conflict with Evolution

What is the origin of Christian fundamentalism, and what does it mean to be a Christian fundamentalist?  The greatest embarrassment of Christian fundamentalism was the Scopes Monkey Trial.  There are many gaps in the fossil record, but in 1860, the transitional fossil of Archaeopteryx was … read more.

How Jean-Luc Picard Led Me to Unitarian Universalism

Join us to hear how Star Trek’s most beloved captain (come at me, bro) led our newest member David Shine to Unitarian Universalism.

Coffee and conversation will take place after the service with refreshments provided by Karen.

The service will be held at The Historic Campbell Home, … read more.

Beloved Community

Join us this Sunday at SWCI, as Pastor David Soliday shares historic and contemporary perspectives on Beloved Community. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King famously strove for this ideal. His Beloved Community is a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings, … read more.