Topic: History

Ohio Presidents

In honor of Presidents’ Day, Bob Ford will present Ohio Presidents. Ohio claims eight presidents. Five of them fought in the Civil War. Four of them died in office of which two were assassinated. The 19th president was Rutherford B. Hayes born here in … read more.

People, Places, and Propensity

During this Sunday’s service we will jostle our minds to recall who we have been and who we are as historic members of the Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. In the beginning we were considered “outsiders…,dissenters with a mission to bring a liberal voice into … read more.

Indigenous People

Join us in celebrating Native Americans as we approach a holiday in which these people historically played an essential and often distorted role.

Coffee and conversation will take place after the service with refreshments provided by Tracy.

The service will be held offsite at the Second … read more.

The Shakers

This summer, Coe Huckabee was fortunate to visit the only active Shaker village, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, which is located in Maine. Join us as Coe shares her experience and learning about this extraordinary community. Afterwards, please consider joining us for a … read more.

Christian Fundamentalism and the Conflict with Evolution

What is the origin of Christian fundamentalism, and what does it mean to be a Christian fundamentalist?  The greatest embarrassment of Christian fundamentalism was the Scopes Monkey Trial.  There are many gaps in the fossil record, but in 1860, the transitional fossil of Archaeopteryx was … read more.

President US Grant

In honor of President’s Day Bob Ford will present President Ulysses S. Grant. Grant was a man who went from obscurity to the military genius of the Civil War. As the Republic’s most famous citizen he became our 18th President. During his presidency the Ku … read more.