Topic: Justice

UUSC Justice Sunday

Join us this Sunday, March 25, at 10:00 am for Justice Sunday 2018. Climate change is having the greatest impact on those who contribute to it the least. Rising seas, thawing permafrost, and other climate impacts are inundating indigenous and small island communities … read more.

The Intersection of Class & Race

Location: Willow Brook South

Tracy Nelson will look at some of the history of systemic racism in the United States that has led to oppression and disparities in wealth.

The Language We Use

Location: 190 W. Winter Street
From reflections on redesigning the website to conversations and debates at General Assembly, words mean a lot to us.

Crime and Punishment and Morals

Location: Historic Campbell Home, 190 W. Winter St.

Emerson Snyder will present thoughts on Dostoevsky’s iconic novel. Music performed by Jonalyn and Christopher Snyder.

This is also our PIN Sunday. Please consider a gift of food, cash or both for People-In-Need.

Mary Alice Dillman will provide refreshments.